6 Tips For Picking Commercial CCTV Systems

When picking out the perfect commercial cctv systemsyou need to consider the individual needs of property above all else. This is an essential decision that all businesses need to face if they hope to protect their property, and it can be a difficult one.

Today, there are hundreds of possible CCTV cameras as well as essential software which can be used to great effect for your business. Although the technology has enabled CCTV companies to create a more diverse range of cameras, this hasn’t made it any easier for businesses to create their ideal security solution – if anything, it’s made it harder.  

The CCTV solution you choose for your property can have long-lasting and profound effects on your business, so it is important that you make the best decision right from the start.  

6 Tips For Picking The Perfect Commercial CCTV Systems  

Understand How Large An Area You Need To Cover – Different types of commercial CCTV systems and cameras offer different features and are suitable for different situations. PTZ cameras, for example, work best in larger areas as they can keep a large area under surveillance and have the ability to zoom in to a particular area.  
These cameras are used to great effect outdoors, enabling you to create a net of surveillance around your property with as few cameras as possible.  

Learn How Much Detail You Need – The higher your camera’s resolution, the better quality image you will record. External cameras are typically higher-resolution as they enable you to clearly identify people in the footage. However, with smaller internal cameras, you don’t the same quality of cameras.  
There’s no point spending more money on the highest resolution cameras when a lower alternative will do. Ideally, you should assess each space individually, to make sure that your budget goes to where it is needed the most.  

Is Audio Important? – Integrating audio into your CCTV systems isn’t impossible, but it is often unnecessary. Video management systems including audio control are widely available, but if it is a feature you’re never going to use, or it intrudes on privacy, then it really isn’t worth it.  
From a surveillance-focused perspective, however, it can also be used as an independent detection method. Many systems can integrate audio with alarms during certain hours.  

Consider Scalability – If you’re going to need to add more cameras as time goes on, make sure that you don’t choose a closed-circuit system. IP CCTV cameras are much easier to install, move and remove. Thanks to internet-protocol cameras, you can quickly and easily scale your solution to meet your business’ changing needs.  

Will You Benefit From Additional Software? – When it comes to commercial CCTV systems, you need to be aware that there is a range of software which can offer real benefits. Footfall analytics in particular can be a great addition for all kinds of workplaces, including retail outlets. You can use these footfall analytics to optimise your store for your customers’ experience.  

Choose Tellivue For Commercial CCTV Systems  

Here at Tellivue, we have helped hundreds of businesses to design the perfect commercial CCTV systems for their needs. We can help you to keep your property, your profits and your people protected from a range of criminal and anti-social behaviours.  

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team of CCTV experts and installers on 020 7846 3300 You can also email us directly at [email protected] and we’ll get back in touch as soon as we can.  

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