Access Control

Simple keypad, card reader, biometrics, face recognition

If  you are a business owner it is your responsibility to keep your building and its inhabitants safe. You need to take the necessary security measures to ensure that nobody can harm your business or your employees. And you can achieve this by installing an access control system. Using access control systems for your business can be a convenient way of increasing the security and at the same time, managing the flow of people through the premises.

An access control system is simply the method of managing entry and access into specific buildings, locations and areas within the building. Knowing who comes and goes on their property is the fundamental concern of every business owner.

Access control allows people to move freely around a building, whilst also ensuring specific areas like offices and staff rooms benefit from higher security. Our solutions can be used as an effective registration tool, providing easy, automated reporting of who is on site.

Access Control & Intercom

“Allow your people to get where they need to in your building and stop those who shouldn’t be there form getting around.”

Access control allows authorised people to move freely around a building, whilst also ensuring that specific areas benefit from higher security. Tiered access is a must in medium and large organisations. Our solutions can be used as an effective registration tool, providing easy, automated reporting of who is on site.

Manage your building

Reduce administration and utility costs with automated reporting and integrated building management functionality

‘On the go’ system management – view events and alerts remotely to your smart device with the Paxton Connect app

Personalise entry cards with staff and student photos for quick visual verification

Build custom reports about user events, or for individual or groups of doors

Anti-pass back – prevents staff or students or unauthorised users from sharing access control cards and tailgating

Setting access rights

Depending on which solution you choose, access permissions can be managed remotely from a smart device or browser, from a PC or locally at each door. Our solutions can help you manage your site with a range of access permissions.

Speed up enrolment of new users with the Paxton Connect app

Easily set up your building using groups and create varying levels of access depending on job roles or seniority.

Our Emergency lockdown feature – allows instant lock down of all doors in the event of an emergency

Door entry – a quick and convenient way for Reception staff to visually verify visitors before granting them access into the building


Automate security settings

Automation allows you to run your building efficiently, gaining more from your system than just a security solution.

By indicating the time period that a user’s access is valid each card can be automatically controlled.   Visitor cards, for example, can be configured so that they automatically expire after one day. Contractors or cleaning staff can be set up to have access only between certain dates and times

Excellent for fire safety, set your system to generate an automatic roll call report when the fire alarm goes off. This helps to identify exactly who is safe once the building has been evacuated

Keep costs down by switching off lights, air conditioning and electrical equipment when the room is empty.

In recent times its more important than ever to control the access of people within your organisation, whether you are a retail store, bar, restaurant or office and warehouse building. Unwanted visitors can pose a real risk to your building and staff.

Whether you are looking for the latest in Face Detection, fingerprint recognition or just a simple card reader or keypad, we can tailor to your requirements we can help.

We work the leading brands of Access Control Systems