The Challenges

Often commercial and industrial business’s find themselves operating an unreliable legacy surveillance system in which cameras frequently experience downtime, leaving substantial gaps in coverage. The time taken to troubleshoot the system can take several hours a week, removing the already scarce resources on the ground from focusing on providing support for the organization.

With varying infrastructure and equipment in place, day-to-day management and equipment maintenance can often be a burden. Systems often have layers of technology as older parts of the building utilized CCTV that recorded locally on a VCR, while newer arms of the building installed IP cameras that had the ability to stream live footage, but couldn’t record. The fragmented approach to video security can result in poor coverage, and the inability to playback videos in response to incidents.
The process of footage retrieval is often inefficient and requires the local security manager to manually pull videos whilst physically being present at the recorder. The inability to give authorized users an easy way to access footage is often frustrating and puts more pressure on those holding the responsibility.

The commercial and industrial sectors increasingly want more and more advanced video surveillance solutions. Securing multi-site premises, in multi-locations or a multitude of areas, such as carparks, reception areas, perimeters and manufacturing areas, is becoming more difficult due to staff numbers reducing and the complexity of equipment in the market.
Security managers and building operators are increasingly turning to more intelligent cameras systems that offer, self-learning, fast retrieval of footage, easy to share video features whilst still being super secure.

Why Tellivue

Video & Audio Analytics​

Pervasive real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities give an enhanced understanding of your video data and customer behavior


Add maps of your business locations to then add camera icons to represent camera positions , makes instant live viewing fast and effective​

Intelligent Search​

Search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image throughout your entire deployment to get accurate results in minutes.​

Always Reliable​

View footage from anywhere with 24/7 continuous coverage & offline access ​

Powerful Insights ​

Intelligent features including people counting, detection, and heatmaps​

Centralized Management System ​

View and manage all cameras and locations from a single dashboard ​

User & Role Permissions​

Control access to not only individual cameras, but also by region or location ​

Share Live Footage ​

Instantly share a link via email or SMS with first responders or security ​

Limit Liability ​

Ensure safety of anyone on-site with high-definition 3-12 MP cameras ​

Stays Secure ​

Automatic updates ensure cameras have the latest features and security patches​