Pubs & Bars

The Challenges

Often in large Pub and Bar chains the legacy CCTV systems are outdated, unreliable, and a mismatch of various manufacturers equipment. The archaic ways of managing the video surveillance have become a noticeable strain for not just the facilities team, but the IT team as well.

Challenge 1: Limited Remote Access to Viewing

Often facilities team have a legacy CCTV system that makes remote access to viewing video footage difficult. The system’s network video recorder (NVR) was unreliable. Often the traditional workflows are not optimized for viewing video remotely and it can become a tedious feat to retrieve footage.

Challenge 2: Restricted Multi-user Access to Footage

If another stakeholder in the business wishes to review specific footage such as the Director of Operations, they would have to rely on the Facilities or IT teams to assist them, affecting the ability to respond to real-time situations efficiently and effectively.

Challenge 3: Strain on the Security or IT Team

Routine surveillance or incident resolution tasks can often create significant pain points for the Security team or IT team and shifted focus away from other tasks in order to execute on manual, and tedious tasks. The time investment made to work through inefficient processes — such as pulling footage, optimizing the quality of the videos, and then routing it to the appropriate stakeholder — often isn’t scalable

The usage of CCTV in pubs and bars is becoming more-and-more commonplace as part of their licensing agreements, many pubs and bars may be already obliged to install CCTV in their establishments.
Sadly, many may be operating outdated or non-compliant systems that make it difficult to capture any incidents as they happen. Without any useable evidence, it will be extremely hard to prove any criminal liability to the police, local authorities and insurance companies alike; a situation that should never occur.

Why Pubs and Bars Should Consider More-Modern CCTV

The obvious improvement of CCTV in recent years, has been their ability to generate better images, in high-definition that are just as sharp and clear as HD TV. Aside from recording hard evidence of any incidents, here are some other benefits provided by CCTV:

Prevents Trouble From Escalating

A very common CCTV use in pubs and bars, is to use it to monitor the interior and exterior of the building. The pictures provided will give any security to prevent any further trouble from escalating or give ample opportunity to alert the police.

Create a safe and relaxing environment

Any public establishment that installs CCTV will need to inform their patrons of the fact. This is commonly done using signs and posters, placed in positions in which they can be noticed. Not only does this obey licensing regulations, it will also inform genuine customers that the place is being monitored and their safety is being looked after.

Offers a deterrent

The added caveat to installing CCTV in pubs and notifying patrons about it, is that it can provide a possible deterrent against anyone with designs on causing anti-social behavior. Not just that, but with theft also being a common occurrence in public places too, the existence of a well-designed CCTV system will help to deter/monitor /record any such incidents too.

Bar management

The monitoring capabilities of the CCTV don’t just provide a helpful aid in combating anti-social behaviour and theft; they can help with improving the overall setup of the bar too. Whether it’s conducting health and safety checks, managing the capacity of a busy bar or even if there are enough staff in key areas of the building, there is much monitoring can do to improve the overall running of the business.

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