Cafes & Restaurants​

The Challenges

The recorder working properly

“Any footage of minor and major incidents always seems to be missed, either because the recorder isn’t working properly, the time and date are wrong or the hard disk is full and been over written.”

Finding footage effectively

“When you don’t have exact times of when things happen, you have no other option but to playback recordings–fast forwarding and rewinding through it–while watching the footage closely. It can be a tedious, manual process that wastes a lot of time and isn’t always effective.”

Security in Cafes and Restaurants

is a key concern – especially as they handle a good deal of cash and credit card transactions on a daily basis. Without the correct security measures, a cafe or restaurant is at greater risk of a break in, theft or other security breaches. Whether its staff theft, violent customer behavior or correctly closed security shutters, you want to be sure that your restaurant is as safe and secure as possible.

Deploying a CCTV system in your restaurant will help with:


Are the procedures set down being followed correctly, is money walking out of the door due to employee inefficiency?

Monitor Customer Flow:

See the live view from any camera, in any branch, at any time

Employee Theft

Monitor for employee theft from stores or from tills

Door Entry Management

The presence of a camera at the entrance can often help in identifying and deterring the wrong kind of customer from entering your premises

Customer Behavior

Cameras will record threats to staff and anti-social behavior

Customer Protection

In what can often be a highly charged environment due to alcohol the presence of cameras in restaurants will often deter an event from happening before it starts, making your restaurant a safer place to eat and drink

Why Tellivue

Video & Audio Analytics​

Pervasive real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities give an enhanced understanding of your video data and customer behavior


Add maps of your business locations to then add camera icons to represent camera positions , makes instant live viewing fast and effective​

Intelligent Search​

Search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image throughout your entire deployment to get accurate results in minutes.​

Always Reliable​

View footage from anywhere with 24/7 continuous coverage & offline access ​

Powerful Insights ​

Intelligent features including people counting, detection, and heatmaps​

Centralized Management System ​

View and manage all cameras and locations from a single dashboard ​

User & Role Permissions​

Control access to not only individual cameras, but also by region or location ​

Share Live Footage ​

Instantly share a link via email or SMS with first responders or security ​

Limit Liability ​

Ensure safety of anyone on-site with high-definition 3-12 MP cameras ​

Stays Secure ​

Automatic updates ensure cameras have the latest features and security patches​