IP Camera Systems

IP Camera Systems

If you’re searching for a way to establish a better security camera network within your property, IP camera systems offer the perfect, long-term cost-effective solution.

Here at Tellivue, we are leading providers of the latest in security cameras; regardless of your requirements, we can guide you through selecting the right camera for your building and design a system that fits your budget. We are also happy to look at the integration of other retail business tools such as retail analytics, including heat mapping, customer flow and people counting.

How IP Camera Systems Work

IP cameras work by turning images and audio information into data, which is then transmitted through a network or via an internet connection.


 The ultimate benefit of this style of security camera over alternatives is that they allow a much greater flexibility, better performance and a much easier installation. Introducing an IP security camera system will enable you to position cameras wherever you want them, and they are simple to move and replace in the event of a home or workplace refurbishment.

Whilst IP CCTV has been available for more than a decade, it is only in the last few years that the technology has matured and really come into its own. The recent developments in Megapixel IP technology has enabled the potential for a much more reliable service from any IP CCTV system, along with higher resolution images and increased versatility.

An IP CCTV system communicates through Internet Protocol, which allows it to easily and quickly integrate (and co-exist) on the same network or cabling solutions as other devices. This can include other IP based systems such as Access Control and IP communication systems, such as phone networks. The integration of these systems also means that they can work together in a much more efficient manner.

IP camera systems allow the for direct use of IP-based services as standard, including email services and image-sending via file transfer protocol. Also achievable is live viewing over an internet connection anywhere in the world, on a wide range of devices from a personal computer or a laptop to a tablet PC or a mobile phone. All you need is web access and your system’s details, and you can view any one of the internet protocol high-resolution cameras that overlook your property or business.

What Advantages Does IP CCTV Have Over Older Systems

An improved image quality.

Able to record in a much higher resolution than previous types of security camera systems, IP cameras give their users a better opportunity to identify incidents and their possible perpetrators. With HD being somewhat of a staple of our daily lives – our televisions, computers and mobile phones all displaying high-def images – why shouldn't we expect the same from something as important as our security?

More flexibility.

As mentioned, one of the biggest attractions of IP camera systems is their flexibility; their ability to be integrated with existing cameras in particular. If you have made an investment in CCTV cameras within the last decade, it's possible that they have (and continue to) serve you well,so why the need to go to the expense of replacing every single camera? With an IP system, you can create a better network with any of your existing cameras,creating a single, high-quality conduit for the images they capture to go through.

Unlimited expansion.

One major issue that older CCTV systems have, is their inability to create a customised network of cameras. Due to their cabling, their networks have to consist of a set number of cameras in order to work. This means that more often than not, the user would have to purchase additional cameras that they didn't necessarily need. This isn't the case with IP camera systems. The network they create can be added to one camera at a time – they do not need a set number in order to operate. This means that users can establish a completely bespoke security camera network based on the exact number of cameras they need. Not only that, but IP networks do not have a limit that it can expand to, too.

Extensive coverage.

With IP CCTV able to monitor and record areas in more-defined detail, they will be able to cover a much larger space than what older cameras are able to do. It's even possible that thanks to their picture qualities, they are able to cover the same amount of space that what three or more analogue cameras can do. Imagine the money you'll save in the long-term.

An enhanced playback facility.

IP security cameras make use of an NVR (Network Video Recorder) which is able to offer playback and search functions that are far superior to older systems. One particular feature gives the user the opportunity to search and clip out certain sections of footage,instead of having to fast-forward through many hours of images to find whatever it is they need.


In order to make the use of the system much easier and quicker, the latest IP security systems have software with a wide range of management modules. As an example – it could be the case that the user doesn't want to keep a hold of the huge amounts of recorded data, so they can set the camera to only record when it detects motion within its vicinity. Motion detection is just one of many advantages IP camera systems bring – why not get in touch with us to learn about the rest?