The Challenges

Current challenges in this environment

“Generally, with old CCTV systems, there are lots of extra steps to view the camera feed and it can take a lot of time to load. Sometimes operators of the system that live nearby often just drive into school to see footage because is just easier (and faster) than trying to review it remotely.”

The world has changed and with it the environments we operate in. Now more than ever, schools and universities are faced with increasing threats to their students, staff, vandalism to equipment, buildings, and theft of possessions.

Lower budgets and absence of funding have resulted in less people on the ground to monitor all areas of the school and university environments.

More than ever institutions are looking at smart camera technology to do the heavy lifting.

The use of security cameras in schools and colleges has increased rapidly in recent years. While the use of such surveillance may be seen as a positive measure to help prevent vandalism and enhance security, cameras, when located correctly can also help with behavioral issues such as bullying and aggression both inside and outside the classroom.

Why Tellivue

Video & Audio Analytics​

Pervasive real-time analytics and machine learning capabilities give an enhanced understanding of your video data and customer behavior


Add maps of your business locations to then add camera icons to represent camera positions , makes instant live viewing fast and effective​

Intelligent Search​

Search by appearance, events, objects, similarity, or image throughout your entire deployment to get accurate results in minutes.​

Always Reliable​

View footage from anywhere with 24/7 continuous coverage & offline access ​

Powerful Insights ​

Intelligent features including people counting, detection, and heatmaps​

Centralized Management System ​

View and manage all cameras and locations from a single dashboard ​

User & Role Permissions​

Control access to not only individual cameras, but also by region or location ​

Share Live Footage ​

Instantly share a link via email or SMS with first responders or security ​

Limit Liability ​

Ensure safety of anyone on-site with high-definition 3-12 MP cameras ​

Stays Secure ​

Automatic updates ensure cameras have the latest features and security patches​