Burglaries on the Rise as Gold becomes Hot Property for Criminal Gangs

If you live in Surrey and have significant amounts of jewellery sitting around at home, you may want to read this.

Officers at Surrey Police have released a heat map of areas believed to be the target of organised criminals searching for high value gold.  Approximately 30 burglaries and attempted burglaries have been recorded since July 2020 and may be connected to one or more organised criminal groups operating across the UK.


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Working in teams of three or four, the burglars ransack family homes looking for high purity, high value gold. Some of the pieces taken were wedding jewellery, or heirlooms handed down through generations, with great sentimental value.

Gold offers a long-term safe haven for those looking to protect and preserve the value of their wealth as it will always hold a significant value no matter what. 

If you have a large amount of jewellery in your home, you might want consider the following top tips…..

  • Store your valuables securely in a safety deposit box or bank vault.
  • If you have to keep gold at home, install a safe that meets British Standard EN 1143-1 and the police recognised “Secured By Design” standards. The safe needs to be securely attached to the building (ideally bolted to, or embedded in, a solid concrete floor).
  • Add other security measures such as CCTV, alarms and security marking your jewellery with a forensic marking product
  • Don’t advertise your jewellery or when you are away online
  • Don’t post photos of your jewellery on social media
  • Be careful not to mention in public when you plan to be away from home either on holiday or extended absences away from home for work
  • Be vigilant at all times and If you see anything suspicious, whether it be a vehicle or individuals either in your area looking like they don’t belong there, act promptly – trust your instincts and get in touch with the Police.

You can message them 24/7 through the website www.surrey.police.uk; or via Facebook or Twitter; or you can them on 101.

*Always call 999 if a crime is in progress.

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