Do you know how your Customers move around your stores?

Long gone are the days of video surveillance systems being used only as a means of security.

Today, with the challenges brought on by COVID-19, its even more important for retailers to make their stores more relevant to customers and engage them in ways that they previously haven’t thought about.

What’s the purpose of a store?  Technically, it’s to offer up products to customers and, more importantly, get them to buy those products.  But in recent years, the purpose of a store has been brought into question as startups and traditional retailers alike explore what has become the pinnacle of physical retail: experiential retail

Introducing Verkada cameras as a network of intelligent camera-based sensors with the release of real-time Motion Plotting and next level People Heatmaps is an exciting development in the Verkada story.

This new feature that allows customers to see a historical view of people-based activity that occurred throughout the day.  Plotting this against your existing floor plans, provides businesses with a greater understanding of how customers utilize spaces.

Retail businesses can use this information to analyze trends with the shopping behaviours of their customers. Armed with these insights, businesses can adjust operational planning and develop marketing strategies to leverage higher traffic areas to increase sales.

People Heatmaps can be used to optimise retail space and help organizations to adjust their operations to improve the way they’re using spaces.

With the restrictions imposed around Covid 19 and government guidelines, retailers will face considerable challenges related to strategic space planning as part of protecting their staff and customers from unnecessary exposure.

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