Get Some Fresh Thinking around the latest cloud security cameras

As the world of video surveillance changes and technology makes it easier than ever to access cameras remotely, Video cameras are now regarded as a valuable tool in understanding important metrics within each business environment.  Long gone are the days when cameras are simply used for security and loss prevention.  The ability to have a centralised solution to manage all your sites and locations from a single pane of glass enables business teams to access everything from desktop and mobile device with no software required.  Intuitive interfaces make it easy and fast to find and share incidents and video clips in a matter of minutes.


Here’s what one of our customers said

“It’s been a game changer, not just for me, but for the entire team. I’ve been able to put the power in the hands of the people who need access, rather than pay somebody who’s off site to sit around and deal with issues only when they arise.”


Calling all Property Managers

Would you like to always feel plugged in?  When fitting out a new store, cafe or restaurant, you can’t always be there physically on site BUT wouldn’t it be great to check-in periodically throughout the day to see that business was good and things were running smoothly?


Manage your service agreements with property managers and contractors more effectively.  Finally be able to audit remotely when jobs aren’t done in time and you’re being charged by the hour. Check if contractors or visitors to your premises are there when they say they were and log when they arrive and leave.  Now its no longer your word against theirs.  Back it up with Video evidence and avoid awkward disputes.


Calling all Operations Managers

Usability is a main criteria for the successful adoption of any new technology in your business.  Time and time again traditional legacy cctv systems are not used as much as they should because managers don’t have a login or they’ve forgotten the passwords or firmware has been updated. 


With the latest Hybrid Cloud Systems all stakeholders can be given access to relevant cameras within their organisation and they pull up cameras on their phones or iPads, and straightaway check-in the locations they’re responsible for. Wouldn’t it be great to see whats going on within seconds of logging in without the hassle of getting in the car and travelling to the site.


What about deliveries to your sites? Having watermarked footage to track vendor deliveries also helps to ensure that inventory is being replenished on schedule.  If deliveries don’t turn up, wouldn’t it be good to trace back and verify what happened?


Calling all Food Managers for Pubs, Restaurants, Bakeries and Cafes

To build the business that your brand is built on requires proper training for all people within your organisation. 

In addition to the peace of mind that CCTV provides in the event of liability claims, Cameras can now be used to enforce proper food handling and procedure training. Monitoring food and drink stations is important when running a cafe, restaurant or pub. Use video footage to examine how teams are being trained, or how food is being prepared. 

This will give important insights into your business. 


Perfect for all Sales & Marketing Managers

Once you know why certain food items do better in sales than others; display arrangements, promotions and how frequently fridges should be restocked are all things that help you make more informed business decisions.

By using footage to understand patterns of user behaviours, you can proactively make improvements on the placement of food displays, store layout, table formations to avoid proximity to doors and rubbish bins, and traffic patterns based on events in surrounding areas. You can also watch and learn form footage showing your team’s interaction with customers. After all the customer experience is the key to success.


Last but not least, Security & Loss Prevention Teams

Cameras allow security teams to get to the detail of an event quickly, remotely and easily.  Smarter, faster ways to search for footage catapults investigations into another league and helps hone in on critical details of any event

With new features like shared archives across multiple sites, loss prevention teams can all access a particular clip, have a conversation with colleagues and save all that data against the video record in the cloud.


Additionally, having ‘ Person of Interest, Face Detection alerts and people analytics all helps contribute to a faster result and crucially saves both physical travel time as well as thinking and reaction time.  Built in redaction or blurring of faces is another great feature that satisfies GDPR requirements and protects innocent members of the public who happen to be caught in the clip.


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