Manufacturers Enhance Production and Quality Control with Smart Camera Technology

From automotive giants to the small-scale craft shops, manufacturers pride themselves on running an efficient production line. Across each part of a manufacturing business, decision makers will strive for efficiency as a means to lower cost and increase profit margins.

Smart Camera Technology is one tool used to drive efficiency in a manufacturing space. Increasingly, business leaders are seeking out CCTV to monitor their factory floors. With access to live footage, a manufacturer can ensure site visibility and safety, as well as react to incidents as they occur.

Here we look at how Smart Camera Technology can streamline your manufacturing business and help improve efficiency.

Production Monitoring and Quality Control

A key challenge for any manufacturer is monitoring the full length of their production line. In each production line, there will inevitably be zones that are more susceptible to drops in quality than others are. These areas may be those that are fully automated or highly mechanised, or conversely those that require greater human input. Whatever they may be, it is crucial to monitor these critical areas and ensure quality is maintained.

With Smart Camera Technology, it is possible to remotely access video feeds, and focus in on specific parts of the assembly line. Many smart systems use a centralised dashboard to monitor machinery and identify any inefficiency in daily operations.

System Health & Activity Alerts

Any lapse in your CCTV operations can lead to catastrophic issues on your factory floor. If your camera system is offline for an extended period, you will not be aware if intruders enter your facility or if machinery is malfunctioning. Therefore, especially in a manufactory setting, it is vital to know when your cameras are offline. You should expect a modern system to provide health alerts and notifications whenever a camera is tampered with or goes offline.

With traditional DVR based systems, any downtime would result in the loss of footage. Now, with cloud-based systems, it is possible to keep the cameras rolling without interruption.

Motion Detection and Facility Mapping

For many facilities, it is important to monitor the whole of the factory floor. As automation and machine learning become more prevalent, many factories rely on less human involvement. As such, with fewer humans’ present, any incidents are less likely to be noticed.

A modern camera system will be able to digest a floorplan of your site and allow you to pinpoint the placement of your cameras. This ensures that there are no blindspots and therefore no missed activity.

Furthermore, a smart system will be able to track and monitor movement. Motion detection plots activity and shows the most common areas and walkways used by employees. On top of this, a system can alert you if a certain area has recorded unusual activity, allowing you to react in real time.  

Crowd Notifications

With strict government Covid 19 guidelines’ being laid down for all manufacturing environments, one of the key areas where smart surveillance really can help is Instant alerts, when cameras detect a number of people in-frame that meet or exceed a predetermined threshold.

Objective Video Evidence

At any given moment a piece of machinery can fail, an intruder can enter your premises, or an issue with a member of staff can occur. Having digital evidence of an incident can prove invaluable to a business and the subsequent resolution of a case. A DVR system would be able to record and rewind to such an event, but if you wanted to archive footage then those more traditional systems tend to struggle.

Being able to archive footage is crucial for incident resolution. Modern systems do this, typically with unlimited storage capacity, by saving clips to the Cloud. There is no more concern over the lack of storage space, so if at any point you need the footage, you know it will be there.  It is also possible to tag conversations to archived footgse which can be very useful during an internal investigation.

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