The Benefits of Utilising CCTV Installers In The Workplace

Whilst many employees may see the use of CCTV cameras as a direct invasion of their privacy, using video surveillance in the workplace has corresponding benefits to both the employer and the employee.

It’s a common belief that employees utilize CCTV installers to place cameras in certain areas around the workplace to merely deter wrongdoing – but their benefits far outweigh this. Advantages could range from boosting productivity to protecting the company’s assets, as well as protecting employees from any unwanted visitors/behaviours with irrefutable video evidence.

In this blog, we’re going to cover all of these benefits in detail; explaining why investing in security cameras is a positive for the business, mutually benefiting both employer and employee.

How CCTV Installers Can Provide Benefits To Employers and Employees Alike.

Reduce the risk of employee theft and fraud.

Whether it’s shrinkage in retail or corporate theft in an office environment, the prospect of employee theft and fraud is, sadly, a real threat. In 2017, the losses that UK businesses suffered from employee theft were believed to be as much as £193 billion. Statistics gathered by the British Retail Consortium say that employee theft in retailers during 2018 soared by 129% over the previous year . In 2012, the National Crime Agency estimated that business fraud cost upwards of £79bn; a figure that has risen in the intervening years.

With theft and fraud being a major issue for any type of business, having a video surveillance system in place will help to curb any nefarious intentions of any employees. If a theft does happen, the investigation can be carried out quickly and easily thanks to the availability of clear video evidence.

Improves general operations and productivity.

With the point of a business being to make profits, low productivity and a flawed operational structure has a high probability of effecting this goal. Low productivity can be as a result of a faulty operation, as much as workers spending their hours chatting to each other is.

Whilst a business would want to encourage a certain level of repartee amongst its employees to make for an enjoyable working environment, it’s important to ensure that they aren’t spending too much time away from their work, so a camera monitoring system can help with this. Aside from saving senior staff from having to walk around and monitor behaviours in person, the presence of surveillance cameras will help them to watch what’s going on, creating a natural balance between working and repartee for the employees too.

Protects against unwanted visitors.

Safeguarding the business premises should be a primary concern for employers; not only to ensure that their stock and building is protected but also to offer their employees a high level of security too. With the help of CCTV installers, a business can have a wide coverage of their building’s interior and exterior, helping not to just deter intruders but also providing the crucial evidence in case an incident does arise. Also, with a high-quality security camera set-up, a business can monitor a massive influx of visitors, effectively monitoring them as they are let in.

Improves safety.

It isn’t just the safety of employees against elements from the outside that needs monitoring; a system of CCTV cameras can help to promote health and safety within the workplace itself, preventing any unnecessary accidents.

In addition to this; any disregard for any safety measures amongst employees can be picked upon and necessary actions taken. In the event of any slip, trip or fall, a security camera can provide evidence as to which party was responsible, preventing any costly litigation.

To sum up; CCTV installers can offer a crucial service to a business considering the benefits of having such systems in place. Being able to run a secure, safe and productive working environment will impact business success in the long term, repaying any investment made in a camera system extremely quickly.

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