These Simple Mistakes Can Make your CCTV Worthless

Every day, businesses of all shapes and sizes are the victims of crime, whether that be theft, break-ins, damage to property or just plain old anti-social behaviour.

It’s often the case that when a person goes to retrieve video footage from their CCTV System, its often either not there because the video recorder isn’t working, or the time and date is incorrect, rendering the evidence useless. For the most part, this is because their surveillance systems are configured or installed incorrectly, or someone has tampered with it.  If we had £1.00 every time someone rang to say they’d lost their password we would be (well, let’s just say,well off!).

Here at Tellivue we have helped a diverse range of businesses to improve their security with the latest leading edge CCTV technology, and we have seen a range of issues which have made video surveillance security systems absolutely worthless.

Security System Mistakes That Could Really Cost You!

Working Cameras

It may sound obvious, but cameras which aren’t actually working are a real issue for many businesses. It could be anything from an old power outage, old models not running as they should or even a result of user error, but you need to ensure that your cameras are working as often as possible.

We’d recommend checking them at least once every quarter and more often than that if possible! Cameras of all kinds, from the cheapest version to the high-quality models that we provide, can hang, lose focus or end up getting fried by a power surge or outage, and if you don’t check on them routinely, it is likely that you’ll only realise that they haven’t been working when you actually need them.

Is The System Actually Recording?

This is a surprisingly common issue as well; sure, the cameras might be working and everything looks fine, but when you come to recover CCTV footage you’ll realise that there’s nothing there. When you make any configuration changes, the power source cuts out or if anyone else has been playing around with the system, then there is a chance that the system will not automatically start to record again.

After anything like those we’ve listed, take the time to double check whether the system is actually recording.

Is Everything Plugged In?

This is particularly common in the service industry, particularly in bars and restaurants. Often, these establishments will go through a few owners and have renovation take place on the property. Cameras are often left unplugged from the Recorder itself, meaning that they could be turned on, but not actually transmitting the information anywhere.

Do You Have Enough Hard Disk Space?

This is one of the worst case scenarios for many businesses; everything was working just like it should – the DVR was recording, the cameras were in their perfect position, but when you come to pick up the recording something’s missing.

Many systems, when they run out of space, will simply start overwriting the videos they have already recorded, which can be devastating if your needed video was one of those that were deleted.

Do You Know The Password?

One of the must frustrating thing for business owners is trying to not only find the video footage but also remembering the password of the recorder, so that they can ‘burn’ the footage onto a USB for evidence .  Having the right password can bethe difference between getting the footage and not.

Choose A Reliable Provider Of CCTV Systems; Choose Tellivue

Here at Tellivue, we can provide a diverse range of CCTV systems for installation in London and the Home Counties for businesses and homeowners of all kinds. There are a range of other questions that you need to ask yourself when it comes to creating a truly effective CCTV system which will help you to protect your property from criminal or antisocial behaviour, including whether your security cameras are actually in the right place, or are the right models for their requirements.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professional team on 020 7846 3300. If you have any specific questions, you can email them to our team directly on [email protected]

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